Halloween Targets!

Ruhroh, Shaggy! It is Halloween time! No...maybe not bitchy girls in whorey costumes. (Ok, yes, additionally trampy femmes in trampy outfits) But it means chased mansions! On Assparade, the gang gets the chance to check out this freaky estate on South Beach now. Daphne (Jada Stevens) and Velma (Kelly Welch) are better-looking than they were after I observed them as a youngster! They have got big ol' butts and they're a lot of joy to take a look at and play with. And I am not sure that I've noticed every scooby-doo demonstrate but I'm certain that Fred and Shaggy never got this truck that is blessed in the Mystery Machine! Witness this flick then move away to some haunted house with some great women. Who knows, perhaps youwill get lucky like Fred! Or perhaps you