Rebecca Blue, Tara Foxx Summers

Man I got three of the greatest babes sitting in my vehicle at this time. Oh Tara Fox the cutest blondie ever is driving and behind me is Rebecca Blue and Kaite Summers. These dolls were only talking to me about their dreams when suddenly we located some man in a monkey suit dancing and encouraging some houses on the market. Turns out that Katie had a fantasy about guys in wooly suits, so we talked him into following us into one of many deserted houses that were for sale and went back. The next thing I knew they were tagteaming his man-meat and not letting him take off his mask..apperantly the gorilla mask was better looking than the guy sporting it. And so the gals are having an excellent time, I am filming when in comes in some gardener..we believed we were busted..Match over! But it proved for the best gorilla man into the shed in the backyard and because the damsels persuaded him to follow them and it was on like Donkey Kong! Fuck Team Five had done it.