Filming the reality show about her life

Loaded female Nicole Aniston believes that girl's ready to start shooting the reality-show about her life, now is the day that embark planning the schedule, and the movie team is placed to see her location. When merely an intern shows up she is pretty pissed, but numbers slut can demonstrate him around, and he is able to record back. The truth is that the producers have determined to pass on her demonstrate, and scanty Rocco was sent to offer the terrible news to her. Babe is not having it, and requests that Rocco does something therefore that babe get's her show. Of course an intern does not have any strength, and tho' he keeps explaining this she isn't reading it. Being a bitch that is manipulative means that she'll do something to get what girl wants. Before he is able to get out a word, whore's got his pants down, and has him agreeing to do whatever he can to earn the show possible.