Tavern bash boneanza

We're becoming a bit artsy this week here on moneytalks. Chaos is on the streets searching for someone to paint on using a member. Whore finds a participant that is willing and heads back to the studio for some fun. We locate someone to fly our lil helicopter tied onto a men penis. For the main event we are in search of a new host at our tavern. We have have a great time with the consumers as they come in and we seek for our sponsor. Kenzie comes in clad in all blue and sporting a banging ass. He wants to very first examine away her although jmac would love for her to be the host. Kenzie really wants to receive money and is bout it. Jmac sets a superb piping on this one. She h-AS got with that superb arse has the tools to be the host together with the most and most of the goods.