Lauren i my roomy

This week we received a rather cool flick from a movie student on the west coast. Her name is Amy, and girl believed boy was girl right and that she would be given the opportunity to by working her roommate's whorey conduct with the tenK. Amy recorded a week in the life span of her whorey roomy Lauren. And Lauren didn't seem to mind being recorded engaging in acts of debauchery. Fortunate for all of us, right!?! Anyhow, this was a nicely put together movie. Shit.. college life is really fucking awesome in the event you ask-me! Nicely at least for the guys that are lucky in this school. Having a bitchy sorority lady requiring two lollipops in one, getting involved in 3 ways, and running around naked is pretty sweet shot. If there wasn't any dyking out right, and of course it would not be school? Hehehe check it out.