Behind the scenes with Roos Van Montfort

Go behind-the-scenes with our Anniversary Playmate, beauty Roos Van Montfort that is Dutch, around her Jan 2014 centerfold shoot with Sasha Eisenman's set. From an ethereal angel to an iron-clad warrior princess, model Roos Van Montfort that is veteran is on set at an artist castle, right at home, and she is equally as comfortable with the reality as babe is with fantasy and illusion. I was really freaking out around the rocks, because I believed the puppies were going to bump me right off the cliffside, says Roos, laughing. So I feigned i was a queen, and that the wolves were protecting me. As far as we are worried, our Miss January is a queen - therefore relieve, sit back, and let your screen is ruled by the Roos Van Montfort that is spectacular.