Sensual Massage

As slut waits for her guy Ridge to join her in the rubdown room Victoria Sweet calmly meditates. He doesn't need to say a word when he arrives; rather, he allows his oiled forearms do the talking as he kneads the glistening liquid all over the sugary bosoms and tight small nipples of Victoria. Victoria wants to be an active participant in this program that is lovemaking although the massage from behind feels incredible. When her legs are uncurled by her and turns around for a smooch, tho', her guy has other thoughts. Instead of matching his lips Ridge encourages her to lie-down on the rubdown table so that he is able to hide his face between her legs that are long and instead smooches his way down his girl's long-neck. Form teases his devotee and takes his time once he is inbetween the thighs of Victoria. Gentle nibbles and smallish notes drive Victoria wild before her man goes his talented tongue into the slit of her coochie and laps at her womanly juices. Victoria is ready to return the favor, scaling to knees and her mitts and engulfing her stud's lengthy thick fuckpole in her mouth to deliver a fantastic inhale job. Whore adores having her guy's cock buried inwards of her even more although Victoria enjoys giving head. Her man shortly urges her into a spooning position and knows it so he is able to place his erection then thrust himself deep inside her. He rocks against her as they take pleasure in the proximity of that standing before adjusting himself so that he's settled inbetween the hips of Victoria so that he can fuck her firmer while Victoria massages her delicate jewel. Shape lies down on the massage table so that he can be mounted by Victoria and take complete control as their lovemaking develops a lot more intense. Albeit girl can decide to rail her personal stud solid, Victoria instead slows things down somewhat, leaning forward to participate in a long and sultry smooch as she undulates her hips to make pleasurable rubbing that soon sends her into a screaming climax. Victoria does not wait to assist his is found by her man when she's identified her end. Climbing off of him, girl offers up her flawless breasts and kneels before him till he cums all over her as whore pumps his cock. Victoria finishes their love making by utilizing her gentle anxious tongue to lap her beau's man-meat clean of his tasty juices, making sure to capture every last drop.

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