Affluent female Zoe Voss

Affluent female Zoe Voss discovers herself in Downtown Los Angeles looking for an after hours club, and has had a crazy night of clubbing. Assuming it's the place for the afterhours, and pulling into an alley in her shiny BMW, babe's on the telephone talking to her gf when a thrashy, street kid comes slinking by. Flagging down him to ensure she's in the proper spot, he shows her that this definitely is not a club. Wanting to learn what he's doing there, the fellow explains that he is truly squatting in the construction. Fascinated, and needing to go on the border a small, Zoe asks him if slut check the place out. Once inside, her wild side really takes over, and also the little rich nymph finds out how the other half lives, or fucks that is.