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He traveled across Spain. By horse, by automobile, by vehicle and by-foot. At midnight he concealed in the trunk of a tiny twin engine aircraft that was headed to the Canary Islands. By daybreak he spilled out onto the tarmac and rushed away into the crowd to avoid being discovered. There were just several pennies in his pockets and he utilized them to purchase bread. He understood he had to eat to keep us his power. By dusk he produced a deal to work on a fishing boat that guaranteed to bring him to the coasts of Africa as well as the Sahara Wasteland in just five short days. On the boat each day seemed like a year that was full. It was only the function that kept him from losing his head as each day he floated nearer to the shore where he can get to his love. In Africa he arrived on the fifth day. With camel or no Jeep, he set on foot to attain his love. Not the warm desert sun nor the dry leave increases from reaching his woman in the oasis, could stop him.